Recent testimonials submitted by my Business Coaching Clients:

We in the franchising arena and are coach's to our franchisees. Wayne is the business coaches, coach. He motivates, stimulates and energizes each issue and conversation by cutting to the chance and systematize what needs to get done quickly. There are no business issue which he can't tackle solve.

David Lavalle

Founder | Mr. Handyman | Dryer Vent Wizard

I met Wayne 25 years ago. I have worked with Wayne in both Canada and the United States. Wayne’s gift is the ability to work with and get along with people. Set clear objectives with Wayne and let him do his thing. He has the ability to listen well and respond with logical, clear feedback. He understands business well. Talk to him about the 3 circles of a business, the transition curve, situational leadership, the performance grid.....he gets ‘it’ and will help apply all to your business. GSR, mentoring, and coaching. Its second nature. On top of all that Wayne is a fun guy to deal with. If you have a business looking to improve or if you are an owner or senior manager looking for personal growth, I recommend Wayne Scherger to help you get to where you want to ‘grow’.

Kevin Carter

CEO - Colorworks

I have known Wayne for over 25 years and as a professional in the area of business management there is none finer. In our work together he has always been successful and excels at transferring skills to others. Whether growing new businesses or working with existing entrepreneurs he has always been extremely reliable.

Ken Cleary

California Closets

Wayne Scherger is a tremendous resource full of franchise experience and knowledge. He is very process driven which is essential for any successful franchise operation. He is a true innovator always seeking improvements and efficiencies. In addition to his practical knowledge he is truly a great communicator. Wayne has a very direct and to the point style which leaves you energized and motivated to attack the challenges of the day.

Alex Roberts

President – Mr. Handyman

For over three decades Wayne has assisted me and provided mentoring and strategic advice dealing with multiple franchise brands, in different sectors and even in different countries. Most recently he provided mentoring on goal setting for a major brand that we were introducing to an Asian country. In every instance the results have far exceeded my expectations.



I have had the benefit of Wayne's mentoring in the field of franchising going back some 30 years and spanning a range of brands and systems. Wayne's franchise experience and business knowledge is without parallel and I have relied on it for projects ranging from the assessment of acquisition opportunities to the fine tuning of existing operations. In each case, Wayne has added value in an effective and efficient manner.

Richard Belzil

Managing Member - Rigel VII Corp

Wayne Scherger is an experienced franchise professional whom I have been proud to call a friend and associate for more than 30 years. He has a range and depth of experience in the franchising and mentoring fields that I believe are unequaled in most situations I can unreservedly recommend Wayne for excellent business coaching across the spectrum of any business opportunities.

Stephen E. Lawrence

Private Investor