Marketing Ideas for Small Business Budgets

No matter what size your business is, you should have a detailed multi-pronged advertising strategy.

Fast and Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Marketing Ideas for Small BusinessWith companies opening and closing each year, a small business must employ the proper advertising techniques which are just as effective as larger companies.

With smaller funds for advertising, small business owners can utilize strategies that make a big impact on profit without making a big impact on a budget.


Using coupons can attract new customers as well as retain them. Give new customers an incentive to re-visit your business (online or in person) offering coupons for a percentage off your merchandise or service.

You can ensure repeat business by promptly honoring the coupon and giving occasional discounts to repeat customers. Try offering customers a discount for bringing in new clients for you.

For example, give a 10 percent coupon to anyone who refers a friend. Marketing ideas for small business, such as coupons, must be affordable. So make sure you have the capital to honor each coupon you hand out.

Online Marketing

Online advertising is composed of many outlets: email marketing, business websites and social networking sites, among others.

  • ~Take advantage of all the websites (such as business directories) that allow you to promote your business for free.
  • ~Set up a free blog and write about updates to your business or industry facts.
  • ~Create a page on Facebook or place an ad on Craigslist.

An additional benefit to online advertising is that you can track its effectiveness more easily than most marketing ideas for small business.

For example, it’s much simpler to track how many visits your website gets as opposed to how many people visit your store simply by word-of-mouth.

Marketing ideas for small business on the internet are plentiful. Everybody wants a piece of your budget. Be sure to research what is most effective in your area and how to calculate your return on investment.

And then prioritize overall effectiveness so you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Local Advertising

Local advertising is not just word-of-mouth or putting up fliers/brochures in community centers or HOA’s. Although you can employ those methods, you should also use niche markets to advertise.

Placing ads in neighborhood newspapers and local online sites are usually more affordable than the larger outlets.

Using local media, such as magazines and online newspapers, build a sense of trust and community that is a powerful influencer and effective advertising technique for small businesses.

Free or Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Here are some specific strategies every small business owner should consider:

  • ~Free local listings in search engines and online directories such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, CitySearch and
  • ~Online photo galleries (, Pinterest, Flikr, etc.) and videos for YouTube.
  • ~Hosting free local seminars, workshops or a community event.
  • ~Getting involved in the community – whether it’s charitable donation, volunteering or sponsorship.
  • ~A solid referral program and the consistent pursuit of both online and offline reviews / testimonials.
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