Coaching and Mentoring FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our coaching and mentoring services – who is eligible, what you get, and how you get it.

Who Is Eligible for Business Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring is available to CEOs or leaders of young, entrepreneurial, high-viral, fast growing companies. It’s also great for companies who are stuck in a rut.

We specialize in coaching and mentoring for companies that are looking to franchise their system – a business owner who is long on dreams but short on expertise.

We have limited openings and I only take entrepreneurs who clearly fit. Applications are started with a detailed growth diagnostic.

What Do You Get?

A monthly retainer gets you 1-on-1 coaching calls plus a fixed learning calendar to ensure you learn all the best systems to grow your company.

How Coaching and Mentoring Works

You book 75-minute coaching calls up to four times monthly, plus you get 5 focused “quick hits” (emails or 5 min calls) during each month. First half of each call focuses on setting TOP 5 SMART Goals for the period. Second half of the call will be learning/implementing new systems to grow your company.

Why It Works

It’s widely recognized that the very best athletes and top-earning entrepreneurs have coaches and mentors to help them articulate their goals and stay focused on the tasks that will lead to hyper growth.

How Do We Connect?

Skype video conference, over the telephone calls, or in person if convenient (within 30 miles).

You pick and pre-schedule sessions directly into my calendar at times that work with your schedule. We set up our next session at the end of every call or appointment.